Marijuana-infused edibles are now offered in many forms and are widely available

in varieties for specific dietary needs, dosing preferences and personal palette.

There has never been a more convenient way to feel the full-body psychoactive

and therapeutic effects of cannabis. Edibles were traditionally made with butter or oil

infused with cannabis and added to food, but the growing popularity and legality has

resulted in an explosion of creativity and new methods of preparation and consumption.

Some of the benefits of choosing marijuana-infused edibles for your enjoyment are

  • potent and long-lasting effects

  • discrete and smoke/vapor free

  • an increasingly varied selection of product types/flavors

  • a wide range of potential effects

Weed Now delivers fantastic products like candy, chocolates, baked goods and more from

premium brands like Moon, Korova, Somatik, Space Gem, Satori Wellness and Punch Edibles.

ORANGEADE cannabis delivered.jpg
Orangeade by @tayst_

Orangeade by @tayst_

ORANGEADE by @Tayst_

$37.50 for 4 grams

$105 for 14 grams

$200 for 28 grams

Orangeade has a refreshing aroma of tangerine and the flavor of grape candy.

This sativa is great for managing nausea, stress, sleeplessness and pain.