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Weed Now Brings You High-quality Cannabis Straight To Your Location.  We have marijuana ranging from from low THC to over 20%. Our focus is to maintain top-shelf cannabis & concentrate brands in each Marijuana Strain Category: Sativa, Indica & Hybrids and bring it to you FAST!

We follow up with all our new customers to make sure the product you receive is consistent with what you expected. If not, we’ll fix it right away!

Weed Now can get your hands on any specific marijuana strain or product with our Find Your MJ service!  Our Cannabis market specialist will source any Marijuana product you're looking for, as well as educate you on other products available in the market. Find Your MJ is an easy-to-use tool for those looking for consistency in flavor, price and THC level.

Weed Now will always find you the best MAriJuana options on the market, Guaranteed!